I'm glad to see you here!

Like it says on my homepage, I work for a great company called Silver Oaks Communications in Moline, IL. I've been really privileged to work there and learn so much from the people I work with there.

On a personal level, I now live in Geneseo, Illinois, after growing up in a large family in west Davenport, Iowa, not far across the Mississippi River. My mother was artistic, often doodling fashion drawings on paper while she was on the phone. My father was very scientifically minded, having worked on cars for many years. I suppose that I get a little from both of them; I have a way of looking at things that is pretty logical and detailed, but I also like for things to be fun and loose. I always enjoyed and did well in my science and math classes. But I also created art all my life; in junior high school I used to doodle logos for the bands that played songs I liked on the radio, that I would then tape up to my bedroom wall.

There are plenty of other people in my family who have an artistic bent. My oldest sister Linda taught art in Muscatine for many years, and has been a constant source of encouragement in my career and life. When I was in ninth grade, she arranged for me to take a calligraphy class from her mentor, Fr. Edward Catich, and I loved it! That helped decide me on an art career instead of science. She married another strong artistic influence in my life, John Schmits, who was a professor of art at my alma mater, St. Ambrose University. Others of my brothers and sisters have been known to sculpt, paint, or write poetry.

I am an avowed Monty Python geek, and am not embarrassed to admit, I also enjoy reading science fiction and fantasy from time to time (something else I inherited from my parents). I also on occasion create calligraphy pieces for people, another heritage from from my sister and her influence.

So, let me know if you'd like to talk about any projects where my skills might be of help. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!