Armatics Identity Samples - logo, letterhead, envelope, business cards and ad

Armatics Identity and advertising

Chad Stamper, Jay Hamilton

Trucking companies face many challenges, not the least of which is determining when their fleet will need servicing. Maintenance can cost time and money for a fleet, not to mention the danger that can occur to drivers if a vehicle breaks down away from a facility to service it. Those are the challenges that Armatics was designed to help with.

And so I designed the logo and stationery for Armatics to help with their challenge – to consistently present themselves as knowledgeable about the industry, and help tell their story, which on first look could seem a little complicated.

Animated Armatics logo

Besides the samples shown here, I also created an Armatics Prezi Prezi presentation to help tell their story in detail (which includes the animated logo here). Note: this will require the Flash plugin.

CATEGORIES: concept, logo, design, print, identity